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Custom Design

At Dynamic Designs, creating custom design jewelry is a simple process that begins in our Kirkland showroom. We can design new custom jewelry or give your old jewelry a new look. Call us and we can design you a beautiful new piece for you.

Dancing Diamond Pendant

From the Dancing Diamond collection, this brilliant necklace for her features a single diamond pendant that dances with the beat of your heart. Necklaces range from $89-$1000.

Jewelry Appraisals

Custom Fingerprint Jewelry

Custom Fingerprint Jewelry so you always have a part of your loved ones with you…

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Quality jewelry and personalized service – you will be delighted with the results!


Dynamic Designs Jewelry

Founded by Jeanette Betton in 1984. Jeanette quickly grew a reputation for her unique creations, known for their elegance and movement. Jeanette continues to create brilliant and stunning designs today. Jeanette has also grown the business to include diamonds personally imported from Antwerp, Belgium, gemstones, and jewelry from other designers. Jeanette Betton, President and Designer, 8461_OV_RotatingEblast_v2_021.gifhas 33 years experience designing jewelry and has won multiple design awards. In 2009, she was voted “Woman Business Owner of the Year” by Eastside Women in Business. As a Diamond Importer and buyer, Jeanette travels to Antwerp, Belgium to hand pick the best cut diamonds available and around the country to bring unique designs to you. Jeanette Betton Your Personal Jeweler Master IJO Jeweler

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