Tri Color Diamond Ring

Diamond Rings Designed by Jeanette

Now a great time to get all your jewelry pieces cleaned and organized.

3 reasons to have your jewelry professionally cleaned

1. A professional jeweler can get your jewelry really, really clean. Professional jewelers have the equipment designed to do a more thorough job than home products. As oils, dirt, skin, accumulate in the small areas in your jewelry (particularly rings), you might notice that the stones look a little cloudy, but for the most part people really don’t notice anything different until they see their treasured piece sparkling again. A soak in jewelry cleaner with some vigorous brushing isn’t going to result in a completely clean ring just like regular tooth brushing isn’t going to get your teeth as clean as the dental hygienist and their professional tools will. This doesn’t mean we don’t want you to use your at home jewelry cleaning products we just recommend having us do it a few times a year.

2. Here at Dynamic Designs Jewelry, every time we clean a piece of jewelry we do a thorough inspection as well. We check all stones for tightness and security, look at prongs for wear, identify structural issues in settings and recommend necessary repairs as well as advise you on possible future repairs. Re-tipping gold prongs might feel like an unplanned expense but loosing a treasured diamond or colored stone can be heart breaking. Not all jewelers do this automatically, so ask if they provide this service.

3. We can recommend and supply the correct products to keep your jewelry clean and sparkling in between professional cleanings. Different stones and metals sometimes need different kinds of products. For instance, if you tend to wear pearls or more delicate stones like jade and emeralds, we’re going to supply you with the appropriate jewelry cleaner and instructions on how to clean your stones without damaging them. Check the label on your jewelry cleaner to make sure it’s appropriate for the stones you want to clean.

In addition to cleaning and inspecting, we can also help you de-clutter by trading in that old gold toward something brand new (what’s on your wish list?) or for cash in your pocket. Look for single earrings, broken chains, outdated items you’ll never wear again. You’d be surprised at how quickly the gold weight adds up to substantial dollars. Dynamic Designs Jewelry will (in most cases) purchase the stones as well, if they’re ones we can re-use.