Jewelry Appraisals

What do I get with an jewelry appraisal?Jewelry Appraisal Services

Our experienced jewelers will provide a photo and detailed descriptions of your pieces, including accurate stone, metal, and design value, ensuring that your jewelry is valued to its entirety. You will receive two signed copies of your appraisal – one to send to your insurance company and one for your records.

How much does a jewelry appraisal cost?

Appraisal rates range between $50 and $150 per item based on the complexity of the piece. If you would like to have your entire jewelry collection appraised, the appraisal fee is determined by a $60/hour rate. Express appraisal rates are between $75 and $175 per item.

How do I get an appraisal for my jewelry?

To have your jewelry appraised, you will need to call for an appointment and bring us your jewelry, along with any paperwork that may have come with that jewelry. Our jewelers will clean your jewelry and evaluate each piece individually before developing a detailed report for each piece. Typically the process can take 2-3 business days for thorough cleaning and research of the values of the stones. If you would prefer to wait while your jewelry is appraised, you can set up an express service appointment which can take from 1-3 hours to allow time for the jewelry to be completely cleaned for grading. Schedule your appointment today by calling 425-827-7722.

Why have your jewelry appraised?

You can protect your jewelry by supplying your insurance company with current appraisals on all of your valuable pieces. If your jewelry is lost, stolen, or damaged, your insurance company can help you repair or replace those items. With the appraisal including photo, it provides the information needed to replace your jewelry. If uninsured jewelry is stolen, the insurance company has no record of your items value or way to identify items if recovered and not offer assistance in replacement.

How often should I have my jewelry reappraised?

We recommend you have your jewelry reappraised every two to three years. Gold and platinum prices fluctuate with the markets, and labor, gemstone and diamond prices also change. Oftentimes insurance companies will only provide compensation based on your latest appraisal value. If you have not had your jewelry reappraised in the last 5 years, the value quoted may not be adequate to replace the item if a loss occurs. To have appraisals updated the cost is less as it takes less time to update the values if the grading and stone sizes have already been determined.