Finally! Great service that matches great quality.Call me old fashioned, but growing up you’d hear stories about great service that was built on a great relationship & trust. Well,
going through life, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of receiving great service, but the product didn’t reflect strong value.I can say that with Jeannette, I’m completely amazed at how strong the service is, but also how wonderful her jewelry is. I’m not just a fan and purchaser for life, I truly will be a loudspeaker for Jeanette and Dynamic Designs. A true tip of the hat to her.

Sheila B – Kirkland, WA:

I hesitate to count up how many fabulous pieces of jewelry I have from Jeanette……let’s just go with many. And if we count all that my friends and family have acquired over the years – many would not be enough. She does an outstanding job and as a commission person, I so appreciate the attention I get as a customer. Thank you – I remain a client for life.

2015-Bryan Pendantsm

I met Jeanette Betton, of Dynamic Designs Jewelry Inc, at a Women Business Owners’ luncheon shortly after she arrived in the Puget Sound area, more than 20 years ago. I
didn’t need her services just then, but was impressed by her warm and welcoming demeanor; I admired the beautiful creations which she was wearing (her own, of course!), and discovered several other members also wore her designs.

pray-17smNot long after that initial meeting, I purchased an odd-shaped, but pretty amethyst at an auction and asked Jeanette to design a pendant for it. I was unable to pick-up the piece, so asked my trusted assistant to retrieve it upon completion — she had seen the loose stone at purchase, and was puzzled as to what Jeanette might “make of it” – believe me, she was dazzled! and kept me in suspense until the moment of handing it over. Not being a “visual” person, I was completely unprepared for the finished product, even having seen the sketches and approved the colored wax impression of my future bauble. Joyous surprise and delight — my pendant was amazing!

And thus began our relationship of these 20+ years… and it has since expanded to include that very assistant, friends and colleagues, my husband (Jeanette re-created his lost wedding ring), and my beloved recently-deceased sister, whose sparkling treasures Jeanette has transformed, allowing them to be passed to another generation. I trust Jeanette’s wisdom, design, and advice with respect to all my precious stones. This is a relationship I treasure.

Liz pendantsmI have known Jeanette professionally and personally for many years. Whenever I need jewelry, especially customized work, I always go to her for the highest quality and extraordinary beautiful pieces, from necklaces, pendants to rings.  Jeanette designed our wedding bands and two other dress rings, all of which get constant admiring comments. Our 3 daughters have custom made pendants and rings, once again garnishing praises. My personal and professional friends all know that I only recommend the best people and products, so I can say that I most strongly recommend Jeanette and Dynamic Designs 100% plus.If you would like a personal recommendation, call me at 206-898-2000 or emaill me at larrystpierre8@hotmail.com.

Attentive, Flexible Service & High Quality Jewels
One of my best finds of this decade is a personal jeweler! Quality jewelry and personalized service are two non-negotiables for me in my pursuit of finding and purchasing jewelry for myself and my family. Jeanette Betton, of Dynamic Designs is my “go to” jewler for the majority of my jewelery needs. My mother has a beautiful, but well worn, diamond and gold ring. We made an appointment with Jeanette to see what could be done to fix the thinning gold and replace the missing diamonds. Jeanette took time with Mom paying careful attention to what her wishes were and made notes on everything. Mom wanted time to think about it and so we didn’t leave the ring at that time. Several weeks later Mom decided to go for it and left her ring with me to take take back to Dynamic Designs. Jeanette remembered exactly what we wanted and suggested that I make a minor change to get the look Mom wanted. Five days later the ring was ready. When I went to pick it up I was delighted with the results! My mom was delighted and loves her revamped ring! The cost of the work was reasonable and more than fair for the work that was done. Dynamic Designs is “Simply the Best”.

Kristen K-Seattle from Yelp:
My wife and I found Jeanette through the Gay Wedding Expo a few years back. Through our entire process of selecting a band, designing a ring, handling my beloved grandmother’s gems, and making sure we were satisfied with our purchases, Jeanette was patient and enthusiastic. We felt respected, and we trusted her completely. We couldn’t be happier with our wedding rings AND with Dynamic Designs; we now have a jeweler for life!

Alica T Renton WA from Yelp:
I met Jeanette at the Seattle Wedding Show and was instantly impressed with her beautiful jewelry.  Jewelry picked by a woman for women…just gorgeous.  I showed her my engagement ring and asked her if she could help me find a wedding band.  An appointment was made for the following week, very flexible scheduling!

My fiancée and I went to the appointment and were ushered into THEEE most sparkly room.  Tons of variety and all of it was beautiful. She quickly brought out bands that she thought would work…she remembered me! Did research! Had my size! and I was taken with 2 of them and ultimately picked one perfect one, it was also in our budget!

Then came the men’s rings, tons of selection, good sizes and no hard sale made our choice easy. We walked out of there smiling and giggling to ourselves because we just bought wedding rings with no pressure AND under budget! I definitely recommend.